Python String endswith() Method

We will discuss how to check if the string ends with the specified value. If it ends with the given value, we return true else false.

By using endswith() Method, we can know if a given string ends with the given suffix.

String endswith() Method in Python



Suffix: String that needs to be checked.

Start: starting position where suffix will be needed to check in main string.

End: end position+1 where suffix checking should be stopped.

Note:- Start and end are optional parameters and by default they have the values as 0 and -1.

Let’s see the Python Code:

# Python String endswith() Method 
string = "Code Speedy is good."
# returns True
output = string.endswith('good.')
print (output)
# returns False
output = string.endswith('good')
print (output)
# returns True
output = string.endswith('Code Speedy is good.')
print (output)



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