Python program to find the Nth Decagonal Number

In this article, we will learn how to find the nth Decagonal Number in Python. But first, let’s learn a few points about Decagonal Numbers.

formula of decagonal numbers

D(n) = 4*n^2 – 3*n

The Decagonal numbers are 0, 1, 10, 27, 52, 85, 126, 175, 232,….

Find the Nth Decagonal Number in Python

1. Firstly, get the user input n.

2. Create a function DecagonalNumber with n as an argument

  • Now apply the formula 4*n*n – 3*n and return the result.
def DecagonalNumber(n):
    return (4*n*n - 3*n)

n = int(input("Enter the n value: "))
print("The Decagonal Number is: ", DecagonalNumber(n))


Enter the n value: 5
The Decagonal Number is: 85

Enter the n value: 10
The Decagonal Number is: 370

Enter the n value: 115
The Decagonal Number is: 52555

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