Print all Multiplicative Primes ≤ N in Java

Hi folks, today we will learn how to Print all Multiplicative Primes ≤ N in java.

We can assume you know about prime numbers. If you don’t check this: Java Program To Check A Number Is Prime or Not

So, what are multiplicative primes? If the product of the digits of a prime number is also a prime number then the number is known as a multiplicative prime.


for N=15,

multiplicative primes are { 2, 3, 5, 7, 13} as we can check on multiplying their digits, they will all result in a prime number.

Please Remember there could be multiple ways to solve a particular problem as per your understanding.

Multiplicative Primes ≤ N: Java Code

import java.util.Scanner;
class Main
  //check whether the passed no. is prime or not
  public static boolean checkPrime(int i)   
    int a=0;
    for(int j=2;j<=i;j++)
        return false;
    return true;
  //calculating the product of digits
  public static int proDigits(int i)    
    int a=1;
    return a;
  public static void main(String []args)
    Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
    int n=sc.nextInt();
    if(n<=1)                 //Error handler
        System.out.println("No Multiplicative prime!");
    for(int i=2;i<=n;i++)
        int j=proDigits(i);
        if(checkPrime(j) && j>1)
          System.out.print(i+" ");


-5         //input
No Multiplicative prime!
20         //input
2 3 5 7 13 17 

1         //input
No Multiplicative prime!


In the above code, we have defined two methods:

  1. checkprime() which takes an integer value and will return a  boolean value based on the decision whether the passed number is prime or not.
  2. proDigits() which will take an integer number and multiply all the digits of that number and return the result.

So, the program logic is: first, we check whether the number (up to N) is prime or not and if the number is prime we will calculate the product of its digits: k (say) and again check the whether k is prime or not.

Now, you know how to Print all multiplicative primes ≤ N in java.

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