PHP Program to print Fibonacci Series

In this PHP tutorial, you are going to learn about creating a PHP program to print Fibonacci Series.

Fibonacci Series is a series of numbers where the sum of the 2 preceding numbers will be the third number.

The sum of first and second will be the third and second and third will be the fourth and it continues in a similar manner.

Program to print Fibonacci Series :

To print the Fibonacci series we need to use the for loop in order to repeat the operations.

For every Fibonacci series, the first two terms of the series are 0 and 1.


  1.  As we discussed above the first two numbers should be 0 and 1 so as our first step initialize 2 variables and assign these values to them.
  2. Now create a new variable and assign the value to number of terms we needed.
  3. Then print a statement to indicate the beginning of the series.
  4. Now create a for loop and repeat it for the required number of times we passed.
  5. Then create an if condition to print the first number 0.
  6. Now in any other case, we would add the first and second number and save it in next.
  7. Then we would print the next.
  8. By doing so you would get your desired series so just execute the program.


Now we are going to print Fibonacci series of 15 terms.


$first = 0;
$second = 1;
  echo("fibonnacci series is");
  for ($c = 0; $c < $number_of_terms; $c++)
    if ($c <= 1)
      $next = $c;
      $next = $first + $second;
      $first = $second;
      $second = $next;
    echo $next;
    echo ",";





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