Perfect Binary Tree Specific Level Order Traversal in C++

Hello coders! In this tutorial, we will learn how to write the C++ program for Perfect Binary Tree Specific Level Order Traversal. Basically here, we are going to learn how to find all the nodes at the specific levels in a tree.

For example, we are going to print even level order traverse and odd level order traverse. So let us first see about binary trees.

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C++ program of Perfect Binary Tree Specific Level Order Traversal

#include <bits/stdc++.h> 
using namespace std; 
class TreeNode  
    int val;  
    TreeNode* left, *right;  
    TreeNode(int val){
        this->val = val;  
        this->left = NULL;  
        this->right = NULL;
void printLevel(TreeNode* root, int level)  
    if (root == NULL)  
    if (level == 1)  
        cout << root->val << " ";  
    else if (level > 1)  
        printLevel(root->left, level-1);  
        printLevel(root->right, level-1);  
int height(TreeNode* root)  
    if (root == NULL)  
        return 0;  
    return (1+max(height(root->left),height(root->right)));
void specificEvenOrder(TreeNode* root)  
    int h = height(root);
    for (int i = 1; i <= h; i++)  
        printLevel(root, i);  
void specificOddOrder(TreeNode* root)  
    int h = height(root);
    for (int i = 1; i <= h; i++)  
        printLevel(root, i);  
int main()  
    TreeNode *root = new TreeNode(1); 
    root->left        = new TreeNode(2); 
    root->right       = new TreeNode(3); 
    root->left->left  = new TreeNode(4); 
    root->left->right = new TreeNode(5); 
    root->right->left  = new TreeNode(6); 
    root->right->right = new TreeNode(7); 
    root->left->left->left  = new TreeNode(8); 
    root->left->left->right  = new TreeNode(9); 
    root->left->right->left  = new TreeNode(10); 
    root->left->right->right  = new TreeNode(11); 
    root->right->left->left  = new TreeNode(12); 
    root->right->left->right  = new TreeNode(13); 
    root->right->right->left  = new TreeNode(14); 
    root->right->right->right  = new TreeNode(15); 
    root->left->left->left->left  = new TreeNode(16); 
    root->left->left->left->right  = new TreeNode(17); 
    root->left->left->right->left  = new TreeNode(18); 
    root->left->left->right->right  = new TreeNode(19); 
    cout << "Even Level Order traversal\n"; 
    specificEvenOrder(root); cout<<"\n";
    cout << "Odd Level Order traversal\n"; 
    return 0;  


Even Level Order traversal
2 3 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Odd Level Order traversal
1 4 5 6 7 16 17 18 19

Here in this code we first created class TreeNode made a tree in int main() function and also made various functions such as height(), printLevel(), etc.

So hereafter we’re calling functions specificOddOrder() and specificEvenOrder()  we are first finding the height of a left or right subtree and then giving parameters to the printlevel() function which will print the required specific level order traversal on the screen.

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