Morris Preorder Tree Traversal in C++

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement Morris preorder tree traversal in C++. Before that let’s understand what is preorder tree traversal.

Preorder Tree Traversal: It is a type of tree traversal in which first we visit Root then Left subtree and then Right Subtree of the graph.

Morris Preorder Tree Traversal in C++

Steps of Morris Preorder Tree Traversal algorithm:

Step 1:

If root->left==NULL {
print root->data

Find preorder predecessor

Make preorder predecessor’s right child point to the curr node.

If the right child of the preorder predecessor is already pointing to the curr node{

Set the right child to NULL.

Move to the right child of the curr node.


Set it to the curr node.

Print the data of curr node and move to the left child of the curr node.


Step 2:

Repeat step 1 until the root becomes NULL.

Flow of Morris Preorder Tree Traversal

Input tree:

input tree morris

Iteration 1:

morris traversal iteration

Iteration 2:

iteration 2

Iteration 3:

iteration 3

Iteration 4:

iteration 4

Iteration 5:

iteration 5

Iteration 6:

iteration 6

Iteration 7:

iteration 7

Program to implement Morris Preorder Tree Traversal in C++

using namespace std;

/* Each node of a tree consists of a 1 data field and 2 links, 1 for left child and 1 for right child */
typedef struct Node
  int data; 
  Node* left; 
  Node* right; 

Node* new_node(int );
void morris_preorder_traversal(Node*);
Node* find_preorder_predecessor(Node*);

int main() 
  Node* root = new_node(1); 
  root->left = new_node(2); 
  root->right = new_node(5); 
  root->left->left = new_node(3); 
  root->left->right = new_node(4);
  /* this input tree is shown in above figure */ 

  cout<<"Morris Preorder Traversal of the graph: ";
  return 0; 

/* This function is used to create new node with the given data */
Node* new_node(int data) 
  Node* node = new Node; 
  node->data = data; 
  node->left = NULL; 
  node->right = NULL; 
  return node; 

Node* find_preorder_predecessor(Node* root)
  Node* curr=root->left; 
  while (curr->right && curr->right != root) 
  return curr;

void morris_preorder_traversal(Node* root) 
  while (root) 
    if (root->left==NULL) 
      cout<<root->data<<" "; 
      /* Finding preorder predecessor */
      Node* curr=find_preorder_predecessor(root);

      /* If preorder predecessor's right child is already pointing to root */ 
      if (curr->right == root) 
        curr->right = NULL; 
        cout<<root->data<<" "; 
        curr->right = root; 
        root = root->left; 


Morris Preorder Traversal of the graph: 1 2 3 4 5

Time Complexity & Space Complexity

The Time Complexity and Space Complexity of the program is O(n) and O(1) respectively.


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