Modulo Operator in Python

Modulo Operator ‘%’ is used to find the remainder between the division of two numbers.
Syntax – A % B
Where A is the dividend (The number that is being divided)
B is the divisor (The number that is going to divide the dividend)
And the result of this operation will yield the remainder obtained on dividing A by B.

A = float(input("Enter the dividend: "))
B = float(input("Enter the divisor: "))
result = float(A%B)
print(f"result = {result}")

Now the result will yield the remainder of the two numbers given as input.

Enter the dividend: 25
Enter the divisor: 4
result = 1.0

Some Cases

Case 1: When Dividend is Zero

Whenever we divide 0 by a number (given it is not 0) then we get 0 as the result.  So as no remainder is obtained then if we do 0%x (where x is some number other than 0) we will get 0 as the result.

Enter the dividend: 0
Enter the divisor: 5
result = 0.0

Case 2: When Divisor is Zero

The result of dividing some numbers by zero is not defined. So when we run the same code with 0 as the divisor then we get Zero Division Error.

Enter the dividend5
Enter the divisor0
Traceback (most recent call last):
 line 3, in <module>
result = float(A%B)
ZeroDivisionError: float modulo


Case 3: When Divisor is bigger than Dividend

We will get the same number as the result.

Enter the dividend3
Enter the divisor9
result = 3.0


Two most common use of modulus operator in Python

Here we are showing the common use of this operator.

To check whether a number x is divisible by some other number y

If x is divisible by y then the result of x%y will be 0.

x = float(input("Enter x: "))
y = float(input("Enter y: "))
result = float(x%y)
if result == 0:
    print("x is divisble by y")
    print("x is not divisible by y")


Enter x: 25
Enter y: 5
x is divisible by y


Whether a given number is even or odd using modulo operator

If A is even then A%2 will be equals to zero otherwise it is odd.

A = float(input("Enter x:"))
result = float(A%2)
if result == 0:
    print("X is even")
    print("X is odd")


Enter x:25
X is odd

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