Make a text blinking in HTML

Here you will get to know more about blinking effects that appeared in the texts through HTML language. BLINKING OF TEXTS can be used to enhance the appearance of the texts on the webpage, we can also apply many extra effects such as a marquee, scrolling, etc.


For carrying out the above objective we need to use <blink> tag in our code, This tag will add a blinking effect in your text. But this feature is not much recommended to use on the webpage because it may not be supported in some browsers and therefore it has been removed from the relevant web standards. All besides, still, it is a very eye catchy thing to be used on our webpage.

The code starts as follows:

<title>Blinking of the Text</title>

And blink tag will be included in the body part of your code.

<p><blink>Watch Me!</blink></p>


You can use this feature in a better way using CSS code but in HTML it appears as a non-standard element that shows an enclosed text to flash slowly. These blinking effects on the webpage are also considered a bad design practice. This feature is also less used for the unsupported interface, but marquee and scrolling effects show the webpage more informative and catchy to the users. Therefore the output of the above code may be unavailable for some browsers.

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