How to Install Angular CLI for Local Development

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how to install Angular CLI step by step and create our first Angular project.

To create the development environment on your system, you need Node.js, npm package manager and typescript. We have to install these step by step.


Install Node.js

At first, we need Node.js installed in our system. So you have to download Node.js from the official website which is After you visit Node.js official website, you will able to see two download options for Windows. one is “Recommended For Most Users” and the other one is “Latest Features”.

I recommend you to download the recommended version of Nodejs. After you download it, you will get the installer file of Nodejs. You just have to install it on your system. After the installation complete you have to open the command prompt.

Press “Windows+R”, then type cmd and click “ok” just like you can see below:

CMD Command prompt

After that, the command prompt window will be open.

To confirm if Nodejs installed properly on your system or not, below is the command:

node -v

The above command will return the version of Node.js that is installed in your system just like you can see below:

Node.js version check


Install npm package manager

You don’t need to install npm package manager. It has already come with Node.js. During the installation of Node.js, the npm package manager also installed.


Get TypeScript

Below is the command to Get the TypeScript:

npm install -g typescript


Finally, Install Angular CLI and create your first Angular project

Now the environment has been created to install the Angular in the system. Below is the command that will install the Angular CLI:

npm install -g @angular/cli

Now to be confirmed, you can check the version of Angular CLI and it’s packages with the command below:

ng version

It will show what you can see oin the picture below:

Angular Version


Now let’s create your first Angular project.

ng new ngtutorial

Angular New Project


Now its time to run your project. Below is the command that will create the server for your project:

ng serve

That’s it. Now you can open your project on your browser. It already has the 4200 port with localhost. So to open your project go to http://localhost:4200/ .

Also, read:


That’s it. We have installed the Angular CLI in our system and created our first project from the command prompt.


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  1. Neutrino says:

    So when was this published? An article without a date is a complete waste of time as no one knows how out o date it is.

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      We update our posts sometimes. If you find anything outdated just let us know, we will update.

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