ImagePalette Module in Pillow

Hello Programers! Continuing our topic on the pillow library we take a look at our next module that is the ImagePalette module.

Classes and Methods in ImagePalette module

  1. Imagepalette(): This is the only class in the ImagePalette module. It acts as a color palette for palette mapped images. It takes 3 parameters as input. The first parameter is a mode which defines the mode of the palette. The second parameter is a palette which is an optional parameter. If given then it must be a byte array, an array or list of ints between 0-255. And the last parameter is the size which is again an optional parameter and if given then it must not be equal to or greater than 256.

It consists of 5 methods and all of them marked as experimental. All the 5 experimental methods are as given below.

  1. getcolor(color): This method returns allocated palette entry when an RGB tuple is provided as an input.
  2. getdata(): This method returns the palette contents in a format suitable for low-level im.putpalette primitive.
  3. save(fp): This method takes a text file as an input and saves the palette.
  4. tobytes(): This method converts all the palette to bytes.
  5. tostring(): This method is a copy of tobytes method. Even this method converts palette to bytes.

NOTE: All the above methods are experimental methods.

Thank You guys for staying till the end. That’s it for this tutorial. We will meet in the next tutorial where I will be covering the ImagePath module from the pillow library.

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