How to install win32com.client in Python

This tutorial will see how to install win32com.client in Python. Using this you can access the windows 32 APIs from Python.

From python version 3.9 onwards this library is preinstalled with the python package. And for other versions, it is not. So before installing check the python version using this command.

python --version

Note: Also try to import the library in some Python code to see if it’s giving any ImportError. If it’s not it means it’s already installed in your Python version.

Install pywin32 using pip

Now open the command prompt on your machine and type the following command to install pywin32 using pip.

pip install pywin32

It will download and install the package on your machine.

After successful installation, try to use the library in Python code to ensure that the package is working appropriately.

install win32com.client in Python

After execution, it returned 1 which means the code has been executed successfully without any errors.

Install win32api using conda

You can also install the win32api module using conda, which is the package manager for the Anaconda distribution of Python. To install the win32api module usingconda, type the following command in the command prompt:

conda install -c anaconda pywin32
Once the win32api module is installed, you can import it into your Python code and use its functions. For example:

import win32api

# Get the current working directory
cwd = win32api.GetCurrentDirectory()

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