How to generate a random array in PHP

This tutorial will teach us how to generate a random array in PHP. This tutorial contains various ways to generate a random array. Hope this tutorial is helpful to you. Let’s get started.

Generate Random Array in PHP

An array is a linear data structure. In this arrangement of elements such that elements are of the same type and memory allocation is contiguous. To generate a random array in PHP we will see two methods.

First, we will generate a random number between 0 to 100 and store it in one variable. Then we will use the shuffle() function in PHP to shuffle the generated random number. Now we will use the array_slice() method in PHP, and finally, generate a random array.

Below is the given syntax to perform our task:

array_slice(array, starting point, length of an array, preserve)

Now let’s look at our code:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
$random_number_range = range(0, 100);
shuffle($random_number_range );
$random_number_array_generated = array_slice($random_number_range ,0,10);

Array ( 
[0] => 53 
[1] => 99 
[2] => 54 
[3] => 52 
[4] => 21 
[5] => 94 
[6] => 11 
[7] => 38 
[8] => 8 
[9] => 97 

Another way to generate a random array in PHP. Here in this we first declare a variable of a particular size. Then we create a variable for storing an array value in it. We use a for loop to iterate for every element in an array and then we generate a random array value and assign it to each variable.


array_rand(array, number) 
It basically generate an array for random keys and returns an array.
<!DOCTYPE html> 
$numberOfItems = 10;  
$numbers = range(0, $numberOfItems-1);
$rands = array();
for ($i=0; $i < $numberOfItems; $i++) {
  $ok = false;
  while (!$ok) {
    $x = array_rand($numbers);
    $ok = !in_array($numbers[$x], $rands) && $numbers[$x] != $i;
  $rands[$i] = $numbers[$x];




array(10) { 
[0]=> int(1) 
[1]=> int(3) 
[2]=> int(8) 
[3]=> int(0) 
[4]=> int(2) 
[5]=> int(4) 
[6]=> int(7) 
[7]=> int(5) 
[8]=> int(9) 
[9]=> int(6) 

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