How to create a custom Skybox in Unity3D

Hello programmers, In this article, I will show  “How to create a custom Skybox in Unity3D”

Let’s get started with the building process.


  • Download the suitable HDRIs file


  • Import the HDRIs file in the Assets by right click and selecting the Import New Assets.
    import unity assets menu
  • Select the HDRIs file and press import.


  • Now create new material for our Skybox by right click and select Create then select Material and renaming it as Skybox.
    new material menu unity3d


  • Select the Skybox from assets, In the Inspector tab click on the Shaders drop-down and select Skybox
    standard menu unity3d
  • Now select the Cubemap
    cubemap menu unity3d


  • Select HDRIs file from assets, select Texture Shape, and select Cube
    cube in unity3d
  • Customize and Apply
    apply unity



  • Select the Skybox from assets, drag and drop the HDRIs file in Cubemap(HDR)
    none cubemap unity

cubemap 1 unity3d


  • Goto Window, select Rendering, and select Lighting
    lightning unity3d
  • Goto Lighting tab select Environment
    environment unity3D
  • Drag and drop the Skybox from assets to Skybox Material

material unity3D

  • Skybox is created

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