Group words with the same set of characters in Python

Grouping words with the same set of characters in Python is also known as Group Anagrams, Given a list of words with the same set of characters with different positions in word like, ‘hoop’ and ‘pooh’ and we have to group them together in a list.

Problem Statement: Grouping words with the same set of characters.


 list= ['hello' ,'oellh' ,'lleho' , 'how' ,'woh','ohw' ,'hoop' ,'pooh' ,'ooph']


[['hello', 'oellh', 'lleho'], ['how', 'woh', 'ohw'], ['hoop', 'pooh', 'ooph']]

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#importing defaultdict method from the collections module
from collections import defaultdict

input_list = ['hello' ,'oellh' ,'lleho' , 'how' ,'woh','ohw' ,'hoop' ,'pooh' ,'ooph']
#when list object is passed to defaultdict then values of dictionary is list
group = defaultdict(list)

#looping over each word in list
for word in input_list: 

#getting similar pairs
pairs = list(group.values())

#printing the results


[['hello', 'oellh', 'lleho'], ['how', 'woh', 'ohw'], ['hoop', 'pooh', 'ooph']]


  • use of defaultdict method is to create a dictionary corresponding to key having characters of words.
  • use of list argument is to create key-value list pairs.
  • str method on sorted(word) creates a list of keys having alphabets of words.
  • append(word) pairs similar words.

Python docs:
Data structure

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