Get Unique Values from a Python List

In this article, we are going to learn how to get Unique Values from a Python List.

So what do you mean by the unique element?

The unique element is the element in the list which is repeated only once in a list.

So, indirectly we have to remove the duplicates from the list entered by the user.

First, we need to get the list from the user.

We will use the map function to get multiple inputs at a time.

syntax:- list(map(int,input().split())

We can do this in many ways but I choose this because it is easier to understand and implement.

Python provides us the inbuild function set by which we can remove the duplicates from our list.

And again convert that set into the list.

After doing all the things we have to display the list of unique elements to the user.

Here is the code:-

def remove(a):
    print("List of unique items from the list enetered by the user")

#main driver code
print("Enter list with the duplicates")
print("List having duplicates")

Here is the output screenshot is given below:


In the output screenshot given above, you can see that we have successfully able to get the unique values from a Python list easily.

By Shrimad

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