Get the nth character of a string in Swift

In this tutorial, we will work on the task of getting the nth character from a given string as the title says it all, to retrieve a particular character present at a specific position.


Given a string, CodeSpeedy we need to find its 2nd character.

The output must result in the character d starting the counting from 0, we know that the second character would be d. We are going to find it in Swift programming.


There is a method in Swift which is known as index(), which functions to easily access and retrieve data from a string. The syntax for the same would be-


To get this task done, we can approach the problem by following the steps as-

  1. Create a string.
  2. Define n.
  3. Invoke the function index(), which takes string.startIndex and offset indexnumber as parameter and stores the value in n.
  4. Use n to find the character at n in any string.
  5. Print the character.

Here’s the snippet part-

let str = "CodeSpeedy"
let indexnumber = 2
let n = str.index(str.startIndex, offsetBy:indexnumber)
let character = str[n]
print("Character at \(indexnumber) in \(str) is \(character)")
Output- Character at 2 in CodeSpeedy is d

So here we have fetched the nth character from a string in Swift using indexing.

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