Get particular column from a CSV file in C++

We can access the CSV file in C++ using the reading function. So, today we are going to perform this.

CSV file:

CSV file is a comma-separated file used to collect the data in tabular format. The file contains the CSV file extension. We can store the data in a file in a tabular format with a comma. We can collect the data using a different medium and collect it in a CSV file. CSV file is used as a universal format for data collection.

We can add the data in a file using file handling using a function with an object.

ofstream object;

We can read these files using a function with an object.

ifstream object;

We can store this data in a CSV file using these function and read a particular record also.

C++ program to get particular column from a CSV file

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void read_record()
    ifstream fin;
    string name;
    int rollnum,roll;


int main()
    return 0;

My CSV file contains roll number, name and marks i.e. 1, ram, 55.



In this output first, we are going to compare the roll number of a student and then we are going to display a particular column in of CSV file.

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