Finding the power of a number using recursion in Python

A recursive function is a function that continuously calls itself. Here, in this tutorial, we are seeing how to find the power of a number using a recursive function in Python.

How to find the power of a number using recursion in Python

The function that we are making is going to take a base number and an exponent as the argument and the function further works as following:

  1. Pass the arguments to the recursive function to find the power of the number.
  2. Give the base condition for the case where we have the exponent argument as 1.
  3. If the exponent is not equal to 1, return the base multiplied by the function with base and exponent minus 1 as parameter.
  4. The function calls itself until the exponent value is 1.
  5. Print the power of the given base number.
def power(base,expo):


Result: 125
Result: 12

Here for the first set of inputs, the function runs recursively whereas, in the second set of inputs the base value is 1 and therefore, the first if the condition is satisfied and output comes.

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