Find the largest value from an Array in Swift

This tutorial will teach us how to find the largest value from an Array in Swift. This is how we work with the values in an array.

Using max() method to find the largest value from an array

Max() method in Swift does not take any parameters and returns the largest or the maximum value of all the values present.

It simply checks for all the elements present finds and returns the maximum value.

We can implement this by simply using max() method as-

var elements=[5,2,4,9,1]

We are familiar with the method max() and its implementation with its output.

This is how we can easily find the maximum element in an array.

Using sorted() and access the last element in Swift

This method basically arranges the elements in sorted ascending order and as the last element is the largest, we will access it. This is how this is implemented-

let array1 = [2,4,6,2,5,9]
let sorted = array.sorted()
let largest = sortedArray.last

The flow of the program is as mentioned. We have fetched the largest element of the sorted array.

This tutorial has two methods to access the largest element from an array using max() function and sorted() function.

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