Exclude one or multiple objects from Django Queryset

In this tutorial, we will learn how to exclude one or multiple objects from Django Queryset.

To learn more about Querysets click on the link given below:-

What is Django QuerySet and to execute one? (Part X)

Exclude() in Django

First and foremost, we must understand the exclude() method.

Django’s exclude () method basically returns a new QuerySet containing the objects that do not match the given parameter.

To exclude one object from Django Queryset follow the given steps:-

Step 1 : Start Project

Step 2 : Start App

Step 3 : Create a model in models.py

Step 1-Start Project

Start a new Django project.

Create a project named exclude by using command line django-admin startproject exclude.

This will create a project.

Step 2-Start App

Start your app.

We will create an app inside our project in our current working directory.

To start app run django-admin startapp queryset in the terminal. This will start an app inside the project named exclude.

Step 3-Create models.py

Before using exclude() method we will make model and then we will add records.

So in models.py write down the below code:-

from django.db import models

class records(models.Model):
    heading = models.CharField(max_length=20)
    content = models.TextField()
    def __str__(self):
        return self.heading

After doing this we need to create a superuser. To do so run python manage.py createsuperuserin the terminal it will ask you for some details like username, email and password and then we need to migrate changes we have made in our project. So run command python manage.py makemigrations and python manage.py migrate.

As we have created superused now we need to login using the same credentials on the link

Now, add records in the same.

Exclude one object from queryset

Now we will exclude one object from django queryset.

Syntax for using exclude() method :-

.exclude(field_name = "name of your title or heading")

To  run a queryset we have to run the commands in shell, for this, we have to run the command python manage.py shell.

To use models we need to import it by the below command:

from queryset.models import records

Now we will execute exclude() method:-

records.objects.exclude(heading = "Age")

It will return all objects except heading = “Age”.


<QuerySet [<records: Student>, <records: City>]>

Exclude multiple objects from queryset

To exclude multiple objects from a queryset, we will use the exclude() methed along with in filter.

In the shell run command:

from queryset.models import records

And then assign the queryset names which you have to exclude in the variable named “a”.

a = ["Age", "City"]

After this run the below command:

records.objects.exclude(heading__in = a)

Output of the above code is:

<QuerySet [<records: Student>]>

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

Happy Coding!

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