Display div element content in a new popup window – JavaScript

In this post, I am going to show you how to display the content of a div element in a new popup window in JavaScript.

Before we going to see how to open and show our div element content in the new window, let’s create our HTML:

  <h1>Open the element content when click the button</h1>
<div id="myContent">
  This is the content that will be inside the new popup window
<button id="mybtn">open</button>

From the above HTML content, we are going to show the content from div element ID “myContent”. We have also created a button with the ID “mybtn”.

On clicking the button, we are going to open our new window which holds only the content from the div ID “myContent”.

Now, let’s see our JavaScript code:

document.getElementById("mybtn").addEventListener("click", function(){ 
         var newWindowContent = document.getElementById('myContent').innerHTML;
         var newWindow = window.open("", "", "width=500,height=400");

In the above JavaScript code, we apply the click event listener to the button so that clicking the button open our new popup window.

We have taken the content of the div element inside a variable and write it into our new popup window. To open the new popup window, we have used the JavaScript window open() method. You can see that we have first take the method into a variable. We also have set the width and height of our window.


Also, read:


After that, we use the document.write() method to write our div element content into the new popup window. Our div element content that we want to show on new popup window is already in our variable. So we just have to pass the variable inside the document write() method what we did in the code above.

Now let’s test the code on your browser. if everything’s goes right, then you should see a new popup window open with the content of the div element when you click the button.

So we have learned how to display div element content in a new popup window.

3 responses to “Display div element content in a new popup window – JavaScript”

  1. fernando says:

    hi ! thanks for the code example! it is very simple. How would you doy if the content is an image?

  2. ibo says:

    I am very freshman.Thank you for code.
    But there is a problem which your code doesn’t see css in the same document.
    Someone says in this page something like that:
    “If you use document.write() after the document has been loaded which you are doing here, it then clears out the current document (including all style rules you’ve previously included) and starts a new document. So, there is no way for these style rules to be in effect….etc.”
    From the same page by another post’s help which advise adding an id to the style tag,I could modified your code.

    RESULT: First an ID to your style tag.Let’s say “page-style” SO:

    document.getElementById(“mybtn”).addEventListener(“click”, function(){
    var newWindowContent = document.getElementById(‘myContent’).innerHTML;
    var newWindow = window.open(“”, “”, “width=500,height=400″);
    newWindow.document.write(newWindowContent,” + document.getElementById(‘page-style’).innerHTML + ”);

    • ibo says:

      About:Someone says in this page:
      Your page doesn’t let me put address of stackoverflow where I found help about this problem.It thinks it is spam. 🙂

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