Difference between Python Method and Function

Method and Function are important things in any programming language. In this tutorial, we will see the difference between method and function in Python with examples.

Python Method

A method in Python is kindly similar to a function, except it is associated with objects/classes.

The method is accessible to data that is contained within the class so the class is compulsory for invoking the method. The method doesn’t have any return type. It creates an object of class for implementation.


  • In first, we have defined class XYZ with “def” and print the statement. After that, we called that defined method with “class_ref” via making the object of that class(XYZ).
    class XYZ:
        def method_xyz(self):
            print("I am in method_xyz of XYZ class. ")
    class_ref = XYZ()
    I am in method_xyz of XYZ class.
  • In second, we use a math library from Python to find the area of a circle. It directly fetches the value of the pie and gives the result.
    import math
    radius = 4
    area = math.pi * (radius ** 2)
    print('The area of a circle is:',area)
    The area of a circle is: 50.26548245743669

Python Function

A function is a block of code that is also called by its name which means it is independent. Data is explicitly passed to a function.

It may or may not return any data and doesn’t deal with class. Like a method, it also needs “def” for implementation.

So there are two types of functions combined with Python are User-defined and Built-in.


  1. User-defined Function:
    In this, we define add function for adding of two random numbers.

    def add(a, b):
        return a + b
    print("add = ",add(3,4))
    add = 7
  2. Built-in Function:
    In this, we use the library function of Python for performing an operation.

    <class 'int'>
  • As we have declared 2 variables (a,b) and finding the maximum of them. Next is showing the type of variable.

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