Delete the middle element of a stack in C++

In this tutorial, we will learn how to delete the middle element of a stack in C++. We can use the STL (Standard template library) stack and have to delete the middle element. This can be done by using other data structures also. Below, given is a simple and interesting solution.

For example:

Input  : Stack[] = [12, 24, 3, 48, 5]
Output : Stack[] = [12, 24, 48, 5]

Input  : Stack[] = [10, 23, 33, 54, 5, 76]
Output : Stack[] = [10, 23, 54, 5, 76]

How to Delete the middle element of a stack in C++

We first remove all the elements one by one and identify the middle element. Then, in our recursive calls, we push back all the elements except the middle one.

Here, is a dry run for the approach:

How to Delete the middle element of a stack in C++

Here, is the code implementation:

using namespace std; 

void deletemid(stack<int> &st, int n, 
            int curr=0) 

if (st.empty() || curr == n) 
int x =; 

deletemid(st, n, curr+1); 

// Put all items back except middle 
if (curr != n/2) 

int main() 
  stack<int> st; 


  deletemid(st, st.size()); 

  while (!st.empty()) 
    cout << p << " "; 
  return 0; 


76 5 54 23 10

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