How to delete rows of a sheet using Openpyxl in Python

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to delete the rows of an excel sheet in Python. This can be done by using the openpyxl library. This library is used to work with excel sheets in Python.

First, import the openpyxl library.

import openpyxl

The sample excel file we are going to use in the code is:

delete rows of a sheet using Openpyxl in Python

Now access the excel workbook using the load_workbook(path) function from the openpyxl library. Pass the excel file path to the function.

path = 'abc.xlsx'#excel file path
wb = openpyxl.load_workbook(path)

Now select the excel sheet from the loaded workbook.

sheet = #specify the sheet name to select other than the active sheet

delete_rows( ): function to delete rows

delete_rows(idx) is a function from the openpyxl library which is used to delete rows from an excel sheet. idx is the function parameter that we need to pass. It specifies the row number (index) that is to be deleted.
Now using this function delete the 3 rd row from an excel sheet.

print("Maximum rows before removing : ",sheet.max_row)
path1 = 'final.xlsx'
print("Maximum rows after removing : ",sheet.max_row)

Print the maximum number of rows before and after the deletion for reference.
max_row method returns the maximum number of rows from the sheet.

specify the new file name/path (path1) to create the new excel file. After deletion, save the modified excel file in a final file using the save(path) method. It saves the workbook at the specified path.

Output :

Maximum rows before removing :  6
Maximum rows after removing :  5

The ‘final.xlsx’ file will be created in your current folder from which the 3 rd row will be deleted.
delete_rows( ) in openpyxl

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