Dask array in Python

In the tutorial, you will learn how to create a Dask array in Python. The array means a collection of similar data elements. The Dask array means the collection of small parts of NumPy array into a group know as dask array.

Installing Dask module:

Before you creating Dask array, first of all, you need to install the dask module in your pc.

Steps to install the dask module:

  • First, you need to select the Python path in your pc and copy the path.
  • go to the command prompt(cmd) change the directory paste the path, place cd at the starting of the path to change the current directory Example:cd\user\data\program……… after press Enter.
  • Change the directory to scripts Example:c\user\data\programs\cd scripts press Enter.
  • After scripts open you need to install the dask module
pip install dask[complete]

From the above command, dask full module will be installed successfully in your pc

About the Dask array:

NumPy array will be Executive by using the NumPy module, similarly, the dask array will be implemented by dask module. The large NumPy array will be terminate into small parts and grouping together called dask array.

Dask stores the complete data on the disk and It will use chunks of data from the disk for processing. Dask analyzes the large data sets with the help of the Pandas data frame and “NumPy arrays”.

Structure of Dask array:

The structure of dask array as follows:
Dask array in Python

From the above diagram, you have a better understanding of Dask array.

Program to implement the Dask array:

program to implement dask array as follows

import dask.array as k
import numpy


<class 'dask.array.core.Array'>
<class 'dask.array.core.Array'>
dask.array<array, shape=(3,), dtype=int32, chunksize=(3,), chunktype=numpy.ndarray>
dask.array<array, shape=(5,), dtype=int32, chunksize=(5,), chunktype=numpy.ndarray>


  • First importing dask and  NumPy array in your .py file.
  • Creating a NumPy array by using .asarray() method in dask converting into dask array.
  • Similarly consider the list and converting into the dask array display its type and value in the variable respectively.

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