Create A Discord Webhook in Python for a bot

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to create a Discord webhook in Python for a bot. All you need is to know how to create a server and bot in Discord. You can know that from here How to make a Discord bot in Python. A webhook is nothing but a way that apps use to send particular information or messages to other apps. Firstly, we will see how to create a webhook in Discord and next we will see how to send messages using webhook in Python.

As mentioned create a server and bot in Discord and go to Server settings

create a server and bot in Discord

There you will find Webhooks on the left-hand side of the page. Click Webhooks.


Then click create Webhook button. you can change the name as your wish and copy the Webhook URL, which will be used later. and click create button (sometimes you can scroll the create window to see the Webhook URL)

Discord webhook button

That’s it We have successfully created the webhook. And now we can use it to send any files over there.

discord webhook with Python

Python Implementation: Discord Webhook for a bot

Implementation seems pretty simple and you can understand it quickly.

import requests
discord_webhook_url = 'your webhook url'
Message = {
    "content": "Hello This is One of the Codespeedy Tutorial"
}, data=Message)


Create A Discord Webhook in Python for a bot

This is only a small snippet, not an application. Imagine you are designing an app that wants to send some messages or files to your bot in Discord. Then you can use webhooks for sending some automated information. Hope this will be useful to you.

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  1. Nikola says:

    Can i send png or txt file with webhook?

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