Count vowels in a string in C++

Hello fellow learners! In this tutorial, you will learn about the C++ program to Count Vowels in String.  So, let’s learn what are vowels and consonants.


The alphabets A, E, I, O, and U  are called vowels in English Alphabet.  So, overall there are 5 vowels.

Rest all the alphabets are called consonants.

Algorithm to count vowels in a string

  1. Include string header file.
  2. Declare the char string input values and i = iteration and vow=  count the vowels in a string.
  3. Take the string from the user.
  4. Initialize for loop for the given string.
  5. Initialize the loop for vowels both in both upper case and lower case, entire string will be checked.
  6. The result will be printed on the output screen as a number.

C++ Code: Count vowels in a string

Read the comments in the code for a better understanding.

using namespace std ;
int main ()
{ char string []= "CoDeSpEeDy";
  int i , vow = 0;
   for (i = 0; string[i]; i++)
       if (string[i]=='a'||
       string[i]=='e'|| string[i]=='i'||
       string[i]=='o'|| string[i]=='u'||
       string[i]=='A'|| string[i]=='E'||
       string[i]=='I'|| string[i]=='O'||
       cout<<"vowels in the string will be = "<<vow;
       return 0;

Run this code online

vowels in the string will be = 4

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