Comma-separated string to tuple in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to convert the comma-separated string to a tuple in Python.

Before proceeding to the solution, let us understand the problem first with a simple example:

Consider a comma-separated input string. Our task is to convert the given string to a tuple. We can use the built-in string method split() to fetch each of the comma-separated string into a list and then convert it to a tuple.

Syntax of split():

inputstring.split(seperator=None, maxsplit=-1)

It uses the separator as the delimiter string and returns a list of words from the string. The maxsplit specifies the maximum splits to be done. If it is -1 or not specified then all possible number of splits are made.

For example:

>>> 'Hi Bye Go'.split()
['Hi', 'Bye', 'Go']
>>> 'Hi Bye Go'.split(maxsplit=1)
['Hi', 'Bye Go']
>>> 'Hi,Bye,,Go,'.split(',')
['Hi', 'Bye', '', 'Go', '']

Program to convert the comma-separated string to a tuple in Python

inpstr = input ("Enter comma-separated string: ")
print ("Input string given by user: ", inpstr)
tuple = tuple(inpstr.split (","))
print("Tuple containing comma-separated string is: ",tuple)


Enter comma-separated string: Hi,Bye,Go
Input string given by user: Hi,Bye,Go
Tuple containing comma-separated string is: ('Hi', 'Bye', 'Go')

This program takes an input string from the user containing comma-separated elements. It then displays the same to the user. Then, it uses the split() method to separate the individual elements in the string and this method returns a list of these elements. This list is explicitly converted to a tuple and the contents of the tuple are printed on the screen.

I hope this tutorial helped you in clearing your concepts. Happy learning!

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