CodeLobster PHP IDE support CodeIgniter, Laravel, WordPress, AngularJS

CodeLobster PHP IDE

Every web developer needs a code editor where they can write their code. Notepad++, Sublime, brackets are some of the well-known code editors. But today, in this article I am going to introduce you with an amazing PHP IDE which also supports for WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Symfony and even much more.

The IDE I am going to discuss in this article is specially focused on web development work.


CodeLobster PHP IDE

CodeLobster is not just a code editor, it is also a powerful PHP debugger, context and dynamic Help, code validator, SQL manager and much more that I am going to discuss soon. So actually, it is a full-featured IDE.

Not only it supports the core PHP code, but it also gives supports for some popular CMS and PHP frameworks.

Below are some of the great features of CodeLobster IDE:


Common features:

Below are some of the common features of CodeLobster:

  • Highlight the syntax as well as the pair.
  • The auto-complete feature will help the programmer to write code faster. It will save a lot of time.
  • Context and dynamic help will help you to get information and details about any element, or functions from official sites.
  • You can add files into a project and create a new project from an existing one.
  • The code editor will allow you to hide those code blocks where you are not working to make it easy for you to navigate.


HTML editor

The HTML editor of CodeLobster comes with great features like image preview from image tags, open target files like CSS, JavaScript files that are included in the code and of-course all the common features that I have just discussed.


PHP Editor

The PHP editor comes with all the common features like syntax highlighting, dynamic help from option inside the code, intelligent PHP autocomplete, highlight code and much more.


PHP Debugger

This IDE comes with a free PHP debugger which will check and validate PHP code locally before uploading it to the server. The tools used for debugging are Breakpoints, Tooltips, Locals control, Watch control, Call Stack control, URL Debugging, Debugger handling.


JavaScript and CSS

JavaScript and CSS are the very common language in the field of web design and development. This IDE also supports coding in JavaScript and CSS.


Support for PHP CMS applications

The CodeLobster IDE support for developing in CMS or content management system type applications. It gives support in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. To make the IDE enable for these CMS all you need are plugins available for each of the CMS app.


AngularJS IDE Plugin

AngularJS is designed for app development. With AngularJS plugin available for the CodeLobster IDE will enable AngularJS support in the code editor. The plugin will enable autocomplete Angular functions and directives, context and dynamic help, show tooltips for functions and directives and much more.


Bootstrap IDE

Bootstrap is an open-source website design framework that contains CSS, JavaScript files. It can speed up the design work of the web.

CodeLobster IDE provides the Bootstrap plugin which can make it faster in designing website using the Bootstrap framework.


CodeIgniter IDE plugin

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework for web development to make the development work faster. CodeLobster also has CodeIgniter IDE plugin using which it can speed up coding using CodeIgniter. It will provide autocomplete functionality for using libraries, class, functions.


Laravel IDE plugin

Laravel is also a PHP framework for web development like CodeIgniter but much advance. The CodeLobster also contains the Laravel IDE plugin for making the web development with Laravel faster by providing autocomplete feature just like you can see in CodeIgniter.


WordPress IDE plugin

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS application for almost any kind of websites. With the WordPress plugin of CodeLobster, you can develop in WordPress easily. For WordPress plugin and theme developer, this tool can help them a lot.



jQuery is a widely used JavaScript library which contains lots of methods to make it faster to make a web page interactive. The IDE also provides jQuery IDE plugin for using jQuery library which makes it even more faster in coding.


Even there are much more features and functionality is available within the CodeLobster PHP IDE. For example, there are many other libraries and frameworks like BackboneJS, CakePHP, Drupal, EmberJS, Joomla, YII framework, VueJS, Twing, Smarty, Phalcon, MeteorJS and Magento.

I hope, you will love to use the CodeLobster IDE for your web development work.


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