Check if user input is a string or number in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to check if user input is a string or number in Python.

We have some tricks to check user input.

Type 1:  type(num) to check input type in Python

num = input("Enter Something:")


Enter Something: 5

<class ‘int’>


Enter Something: abc

<class ‘str’>

Type2: isnumeric() function to check if a number is integer or not in Python

Thing = input("Enter Something:")
if Thing.isnumeric():
   print("Entered Thing is Integer:", Thing)
   print("Entered Thing is Not an Integer")


Enter Something: 123

Entered Thing is Integer: 123

Enter Something: abc

Entered Thing is Not an Integer


In this type, we define is_Int as True, if the user entered input, it tries to convert into the integer in that there is a non-numeric character then it goes to the ValueError. In the if condition statement is_Int is True.

thing = input("Enter Something:")
is_Int = True
expect ValueError:
   is_Int = False
if is_Int:
   print("Entered thing is Integer")
   print("Entered thing is not an Integer")


Enter Something: 123

Entered thing is Integer

Enter Something: abc

Entered thing is not an Integer

Type4: isdigit() function in Python

thing = 123
if thing.isdigit():
   print("It is Integer")
   print("It is Not a Integer")


It is Integer

isdigit() function for string in Python

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