cfloat header in C++ with examples

Hello Students, today we are going to learn about cfloat header file in C++.

cfloat header file present  in C++

<cfloat.h> file is a platform-dependent and has the capability of implementing some specific floating-point values.

A floating number has

Sign: Its value can be either positive or negative.

Base: It is the radix of exponential representation i.e. 2 for binary, 8 for octal, 10 for decimal, 16 for hexadecimal, …

Exponent: It is known as a character in an integer between the minimum and the maximum exponential value.

Implementing Macro Constants present in cfloat header file

  • FLT implies the type of float.
  • DIG implies digits
  • EXP implies exponent.

After that, the  basic functions we use here are,

  1. FLT_RADIX:  Base for all floating-point types.
  2. FLT_DIG:   It should be turned into a floating-point and come back to the same decimal digit again.
  3. DECIMAL_DIG:  we use this for representing floating values. There is no minimum value.
  4. FLT_MIN_10_EXP: It is the minimum negative integer value of exponential base 10.
  5. FLT_MAX_EXP:  The maximum value of the exponent
  6. FLT_MAX_10_EXP: It is the maximum integer value of exponential base 10.
  7. FLT_MAX:  It represents the ultimate floating-point value.
  8. FLT_MIN:  It is the smallest positive floating value.



Below is the given C++ code for cfloat header file:

//C++ program to represent macro constants in cfloat library
#include <cfloat> 
#include <iostream> 
#define DECIMAL_DIG 20
using namespace std; 

int main() 
  cout << "FLT_RADIX value : "<< FLT_RADIX << endl; 
  cout << "FLT_DIG value  : "<< FLT_DIG << endl; 
  cout << "DECIMAL_DIG  value : "<<DECIMAL_DIG << endl; 
  cout << "FLT_MIN_10_EXP  value : "<< FLT_MIN_10_EXP << endl; 
  cout << "FLT_MAX_EXP  value : "<< FLT_MAX_EXP << endl; 
  cout << "FLT_MAX_10_EXP  value : "<< FLT_MAX_10_EXP << endl; 
  cout << "FLT_MAX  value : "<< FLT_MAX << endl; 
  cout << "FLT_MIN  value : "<< FLT_MIN << endl; 
  return 0; 

After running the above program, we can get the output result:

FLT_MIN_10_EXP : -37
FLT_MAX_10_EXP : 38
FLT_MAX : 3.40282e+038
FLT_MIN : 1.17549e-038
(The above mentioned output is machine dependent)


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