Calculate Feels Like Temperature in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to calculate the Feels like Temperature in Python.

What is Feels Like Temperature?

Wind Chill factor is so-called as feels like temperature.

The air temperature, we feel on the skin due to wind, is known as Feels like temperature. It will always be lower than the air temperature.


WCF = 35.74 + (0.6215 * T) - (35.75 * wind_velocity ^ 0.16)+(0.4275 * T * wind_velocity ^ 0.16)


WCF = Wind chill factor;

T = Temperature in Fahrenheit

wind_velocity in mph.

Calculating feels like temperature using Python:

temp = float(input("Enter the temperatue in farenhite "))
velocity = float(input("Enter the wind velocity in mph "))
wind_chill = 35.74 + 0.6215 * temp + (0.4275 * temp - 35.74)*pow(velocity,0.16)
print("Wind chill factor is ",wind_chill)

We took input from the user about temperature and wind velocity and processed the entered data using the given formula.

Example: let the temperature be 86 Fahrenheit and wind speed be 14 mph.


Enter the temperature in Fahrenheit 86
Enter the wind velocity in mph 14
Wind chill factor is  90.75252327664357

In this tutorial, we learned how to calculate what feels like temperature. If you have any doubt please comment below.

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