How to Build an App That Doesn’t Cost of a Fortune: A Handy Guide to Software Development Outsourcing

Striving to provide users with great digital experience, entrepreneurs worldwide invest tons of dollars in software development. They waste time looking for perfect IT experts; they invest in recruiting and HR services; they spend much money on office rent and equipment. Each of these processes hides the unbelievable number of obstacles that may interfere with your success. One wrong step can lead to failure.

A cure exists. It is called software development outsourcing. More and more startups and large well-established companies delegate the IT engineering tasks to the partners overseas: the total value of such contracts reached $62 billion in 2018. Outsourcing is quite profitable and promising. And today, we are going to tell you how to outsource mobile app development and get your best out of this type of cooperation.

7 steps of a business app development with an outsourcing company

Here, we present the basic steps to follow to build a reliable relationship with your software development partner:

1. Build a list of requirements

Before the process starts, work on your own vision of an app and the list of requirements it should meet. You need to evolve your idea and turn your thoughts to text. It seems pretty easy but it may take your time. To simplify this process for your, we collected basic questions you need to answer to get closer to a viable app:

  • Who is your potential user and why he or she needs to download your app?
  • What is unique about your app?
  • What features would you like it to demonstrate?
  • What is the monetization model? Do you know how to make a profit with this app?
  • What platforms would you like your app to run on? Should it be an iOS app, Android tool or a cross-platform platform?
  • Would you like to focus on native or hybrid app development?

2. Choose a team

When you see the picture of your app rather clearly, it is time to find a team that can bring the idea to life. Talking about outsourcing, you have 2 main options available:

  • Cooperation with an agency;
  • Cooperation with independent developers.

Talking about IT outsourcing firm, you work with an entire team of professionals who can cover everything from app’s design, development, testing, process management and successful launch. They have been working together for many years and have a well-established work process.

Cooperation with independent specialists looks differently. First of all, you should browse websites like Upwork and find needed team members, including designers, front-end and back-end engineers, QA specialists etc. The next step is to make these people work together: they have got used to working independently as freelancers. Although it may be cheaper to work with freelancers, it is not a piece of cake to build a powerful team in this way.

3. Pay attention to the experience

Looking for your skilled partner, pay attention to the following things:

  • Previous relevant experience in mobile development field;
  • Attractive portfolio presenting mobile apps similar to yours;
  • Positive reviews from former customers.

If you are not a tech-savvy person, you cannot check the developer’s Github repository, review his or her code and make sure it is clear and professional. Thus, take a look at CVs, portfolio and reviews: it will help you to decide whether it is worth it to start this cooperation.

4. Talk to your partner

You are in different locations; you may speak different languages or have different life priorities. But now, you build an IT solution together so don’t underestimate communication and its role in your partnership.

Starting from the very first contact with your potential development group, analyze such factors as:

  • Level of English;
  • Response time;
  • Manner, professionalism and clearness of communication;
  • Preferred channels of communication.

These factors can help you to build a general impression of your potential partner. Seamless communication is a key to a fruitful cooperation.

5. Get answers to your questions

Augmenting the previous point, we need to draw your attention to questions. Ask everything you want and everything that matters for your business. Don’t hesitate to discuss things that bother you; don’t miss a chance to clarify things that remain in shadow. That’s your money, that’s your business: don’t let misunderstanding depreciate your efforts.

6. Describe your expectation

To get the expected result, you need to tell your partner what exactly you expect. There is no chance outsourcing team can read your thoughts or predict your wishes: the specialists can only rely on the list of your requirements and expectations. So highlight them, emphasize critical elements and make sure your partner understands you correctly.

Besides, discuss such significant things as:

  • Project’s time frame;
  • Payment terms and deliverables.

7. Request a clear-cut plan of actions

Breaking the entire process into smaller pieces, a development team simplifies work and gets an opportunity to deliver pieces of functionality one by one. Ask your partner to provide you with this plan so you can keep an eye on progress and get a precise understanding of how much time the team needs to produce your app.

Cost for app outsourcing

There are so many opinions about how must it costs to build an app! Some companies set lower prices to attract attention; the other firms set the unreasonably high rates hoping it will emphasize their professionalism. The first step to the right choice is the analysis of development prices in different regions:

Median cost of mobile application development in select regions worldwide in 2015


As you can see, in-house development in the USA, Australia or the UK is expensive. Outsourcing to India or Indonesia may be risky due to cultural difference and other factors. And Eastern Europe is the golden mean: here, you can find qualified experts without investing too much in software development.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let us know! We have built this article together with Clockwise Software development department and we will be glad to provide you with detailed answers or consultancy. 


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