Analog stopwatch using Python turtle module

By Rohan Harish

In this tutorial, let’s build an analog stopwatch using Python’s turtle module. Let us have a circular representation of hours, minutes and seconds as distance traverse.... Read More

Clone and Run a Django Project from Github

By Shrimad Mishra

Hi, Everyone When we clone a Django Project from Github or we copy from anywhere, we are not able to run that project on our system. So in this post, I will tell you how to run tha.... Read More

Check For Safe Links With Nodejs and VirusTotal

By Anjan Nair

In this tutorial, you will learn to check for the safety of links with Node.js and VirusTotal. VirusTotal is used to analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware. V.... Read More

Blackjack console game using Python

By Rohan Harish

In this tutorial, let’s explore how to code a console playable blackjack game using Python with an easy approach to understand the flow of the game. Blackjack is a simple car.... Read More

StringBuilder vs StringBuffer in Java

By Lunavath Suresh

In Java, to represent strings, there are three ways: String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder. Strings are immutable(once created cannot be changed) in Java, whereas StringBuffer an.... Read More

Smallest Sum Contiguous Subarray in Python

By Shrimad Mishra

What is Subarray? Subarray is the slice from the given array which is contiguous(i.e occupy consecutive positions). It inherently maintains the order of the elements. Let us take a.... Read More

How to fetch data from public API using JavaScript?

By Anil Kumar Sharma

In this tutorial, we will learn how to fetch data from public API in JavaScript. What is the use of an API? Basically, API specifies how two-component should interact with each oth.... Read More

Time Events in JavaScript with example – Create Stopwatch

By Anil Kumar Sharma

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a digital stopwatch in JavaScript using time events. What are time events in JavaScript Timing events allow you to execute a particula.... Read More

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