How to get the current date and time in C++ in various formats


Obtaining the current date and time is crucial in many programs. The C++ STL provides the <chrono> library which can be used with <ctime> from c to get the current time.... Read More

Read an image with scipy.misc in Python

By Prachi Pandey

The following tutorial will guide you through reading an image from the path of the image file and returning the NumPy array of the image using scipy.misc. A package scipy.misc is .... Read More

Resize image in Python

By Khushi Aswani

As the title says, resizing images in Python sounds interesting right? We have already been fascinated by the title itself, it will be fun implementing it. We are going to learn ab.... Read More

Delete files larger than a specific size in Python

By Kovid Bhatt

If you want to remove the useless files that consume unnecessary space on your device then this tutorial of deleting files larger than a particular size in Python is for you. You c.... Read More

Return multiple values from a function in JavaScript

By Samim Raja Mollick

This tutorial will show you how to return multiple values from a function in JavaScript. A JavaScript function returns only a single value. Multiple values can be returned from a f.... Read More

Vectorized Operations in NumPy with examples

By Prachi Pandey

In this tutorial, we will see the difference in the time taken between normal iterative operations and vectorized operations in NumPy in Python with examples. If we talk about norm.... Read More

How to remove new line character in JavaScript (\n)


In this article, we will look at different methods to remove new line character from Strings in Javascript. Removing new line character (\n) in JavaScript String.replace(): This me.... Read More

How to find the resolution of an Image in JavaScript


We can get the original height and width of the image, this height and weight of the image is the actual size of an image without any constraints. Constraints like explicitly menti.... Read More

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