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Find Frequency of each element in an unsorted array in Java

By Caushik Subramaniam

In this tutorial, we will learn to find how many times every element occurs in an array is required for solving many problems in competitive programming. If the array is not sorted.... Read More

Connect to a WiFi network in Python

By Caushik Subramaniam

Connecting a computer to the internet has become inevitable now. The connection can be made either with Ethernet technology or Wi-Fi technology. Though every Operating System offer.... Read More

Java Varargs | Variable arguments in Java

By Caushik Subramaniam

The Variable-Length Arguments or varargs in Java was introduced in Java 1.5. Either the method was overloaded or the arguments were passed in an array to the method before the vara.... Read More

Java program to swap all odd and even bits

By Caushik Subramaniam

Actually, 0 and 1 can do a lot. In fact, the reason behind today’s technology is, of course, 0 and 1. Any field, say, for instance, Networking, relies upon binary. If one of .... Read More

Factory Method Design Pattern in Java

By Caushik Subramaniam

A Design Pattern is a typical solution to the commonly occurring problems while designing software. Each design pattern is a solution proven to be efficient by software development.... Read More

Flow control in try-catch-finally in Java

By Caushik Subramaniam

An Exception is an unexpected event that might occur during the execution of a program. An unhandled exception can terminate a program abruptly. A try-catch block is meant to handl.... Read More

Validate a PAN Card number in Java using Regular Expression

By Caushik Subramaniam

A Regular Expression is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern, usually used for searching and replacing patterns in strings. Many different programming languages su.... Read More

Serial sort vs Parallel sort in Java

By Caushik Subramaniam

A sort operation performed on an array can be either sequential or parallel. A sequential sort array can follow any sorting algorithm. There are many sequential sorting algorithms .... Read More

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