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How to check if two given sets are disjoint in Python?

By Anirudh Singh Sengar

If the given two sets don’t have any element in common then it is said to be disjoint. The method isdisjoint() check whether the two sets are disjoint or not. If the sets are.... Read More

Infinite Iterators in Python

By Anirudh Singh Sengar

An iterator is an object that enables one to traverse a container. It is used in ‘for in loop’. Iterator and iterable are two objects which work behind the mechanism of.... Read More

Matrix Data Type Rectification in Python

By Anirudh Singh Sengar

Sometimes while giving data as an input we pass the numbers in string type. Later we come to know that we need the numbers in int or float type instead of a string. At this time th.... Read More

Extract Synonyms and Antonyms using Python NLTK library

By Anirudh Singh Sengar

Natural Language Toolkit(NLTK) was created by George Miller and Christiane Fellbaum of Princeton University. It is a module that gives us a platform to build Python programs. These.... Read More

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