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Implementation of Perceptron Algorithm for OR Logic with 2-bit binary input in Python

By Abuzer Malvi

The Perceptron algorithm is considered to be the simplest type of Artificial Neural Network and one can use it as the starting point in ANN. Perceptrons can deal with n number of i.... Read More

Optimal Value of K in K-Means Clustering in Python | Elbow Method

By Abuzer Malvi

In this article, we’ll discuss and illustrate how to find the optimal value of k in the K-Means clustering using the Elbow method in Python. As we are aware, K-Means follows .... Read More

Timestamp to datetime conversion in Python

By Abuzer Malvi

In this article, we will see the conversion of a timestamp to datetime and vice-versa in Python language. This can be done using the datetime module, so let’s go ahead and im.... Read More

CountVectorizer to Extract Features from Text in Python

By Abuzer Malvi

In order to use textual data for predictive modeling, the text data requires special preparation before you can start using it. However, there are usually two steps performed on th.... Read More

Pearson Correlation Test between two variables in Python

By Abuzer Malvi

One always needs to find relationships between variables before going further with Machine Learning algorithms on the dataset. The correlation or correlation coefficient captures t.... Read More

Tensorflow Placeholders in Python

By Abuzer Malvi

Tensorflow placeholder() as the name suggests creates a placeholder for a tensor that will be fed later. In simple words, it allocates a block of memory for future use which allows.... Read More