Add item to a specific position in list Python Programming

Hello learners, in this Python tutorial we are going to learn how we can add an item to a specific position in a list in Python.

In my previous tutorial, I have shown you How to add items to a Python list. Then I thought if someone needs to insert items to a specific position of a list in Python. Thus I came here again with a new tutorial to teach you how to add elements to a specific index position in a list.

Insert Item to a specific position in a Python list

You will be glad to know that Python makes it easier for us with a predefined method which is the insert() method.

Below is given the syntax for the insert():

method:list.insert(Index, Element)

This method has two parameters.

  • Index – This is the position where the new element is going to be inserted.
  • Element – This is the new element that you are going to insert into the existing list.

I will provide some examples so that it can be more understandable.

Suppose, you have a list like this below:

my_list =[85,36,98,54]

Now you have to add an element to this list. But the element should be added to a particular position. You need to add the new element between 36 and 98. That means the position of the new element has to be index no 2.

my_list =[85,36,98,54]
my_list.insert(2,'this is inserted')


[85, 36, 'this is inserted', 98, 54]

You can use both integer or string values in the second parameter of insert() method.

Note: This method does not return any value.

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