How to access MP3 metadata in Python

Here we are going to see how to access MP3 metadata in Python in a simple way. We will use the eyeD3 tool.


  • It is a Python module that is used to work with audio files.
  • It is a command-line program to process ID3 tags.
  • Using this, we can extract the metadata like the title of the song, artist, album, composer, release date, publisher, etc.
  • Installation:¬†Type the following command in the command prompt.
    pip install eyed3


At first, we have imported the eyed3 library. Then we used eyed3.load() to load the mp3 file.

  • Syntax: eyed3.load(filename)

To access the meta tag information of an MP3 you have to use the tag object. View the content of the tag using the following.

  • audio.tag.title– used to get the title of the song.
  • audio.tag.artist– used to get the artist’s name of the song.
  • audio.tag.album–¬†used to get the album name of the song.
  • audio.tag.album_artist– used to get the album artist’s name.
  • audio.tag.composer– used for getting the composer of the song.
  • audio.tag.publisher– used for getting the publisher of the song.
  • audio.tag.genre– used for getting the genre of a particular song.
  • audio.tag.release_date– used for getting the release date of the song.

Now, we have a look at the program.

import eyed3
print("Album artist:",audio.tag.album_artist)


Title: Maacho - SenSongsMp3.Co
Artist: Shweta Mohan, Sid Sriram, A.R. Rahman
Album: Mersal (2017)
Album artist: Vijay, Kajal Agarwal, Samantha, Nithya Menon
Composer: A.R.Rahman
Publisher: SenSongsMp3.Co
Genre: Tamil

I hope that you have learned something new from this post.

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