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Using Confusion Matrix in Machine Learning in Python

By Ashutosh Khandelwal

This article is aimed at understanding how to use the Confusion Matrix in Python in various learning algorithms such as Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees.... Read More

itertools.cycle() in Python

By D Ajay

Hello Coder, this tutorial deals with a program to demonstrate the usage of cycle() method from itertools package. Learn itertools.cycle() in Python with examples. Let’s star.... Read More

Time Conversion from 12-hour to 24-hour format in Python

By Meghana Thatikonda

In this tutorial, given time in 12-hour format as input we will learn how to perform time conversion into the 24-hour format and output it using Python. Time Conversion in Python G.... Read More

How to Find and List All Running Processes in Python

By Meghana Thatikonda

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to find and list all running processes in Python. It is a very simple program. Python program to find and list all running processes To .... Read More

How to Generate a graph using Dictionary in Python

By Shraddha Jadhav

In this tutorial, we will Generate a graph using a Dictionary in Python. Dictionary is a collection of data in the form of key-value pair. We use a dictionary to implement a graph .... Read More

COVID-19 Outbreak Prediction Using Machine Learning in Python

By Sarbajit De

Here, we are going to discuss a burning topic COVID-19 outbreak and its prediction using various libraries in Python. This code will help us to understand the various factors of th.... Read More

How to show a GIF animation image in Tkinter – Python

By Saumitra Deshpande

In this blog, we will see how we can insert a GIF into a GUI using Python. We will be using the Tkinter library for this purpose. Tkinter library is the de-facto library of Python .... Read More

F-String in Python

By Mohit Tripathi

Hello Friends, In this segment we are going to discuss F-String in Python. In this segment, we shall know what is F-string, how it works, why we need to use this, everything about .... Read More