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Microsoft Stock Price Prediction with Machine Learning

By Devansh Parikh

In this project, I have used a machine-learning algorithm to predict the stock price of one of the largest tech companies named Microsoft using Python. Dataset Link: MSFT.csv Step-.... Read More

How to comment multiple lines in Python?

By Varsha Neelamma

In this tutorial, we will learn if and how you can comment multiple lines in Python. Before we dive into this tutorial, let us first understand what a comment is. Whenever you buy .... Read More

Mobile Number validation with Python

By Ramsaikranthi Kirankumar Reddy Konda

Hi Friends in this article we will discuss validating a mobile number with Python. For the understanding purpose, we are going to validate a mobile number with a length of 10 digit.... Read More

Create Bingo Game using Python

By Deepak

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create Bingo game in Python step by step. Bingo game is something related to the random number guessing game. 2 Players are given a random 5&.... Read More

Python | Binary Operations in NumPy

By Ashutosh Khandelwal

In this tutorial, we will learn how to perform basic Binary Operations in Python using the NumPy library. You can learn about NumPy here- Python programs using NumPy There are var.... Read More

How to generate a random numpy array in Python

By Arpitha

In this tutorial, let’s learn how to generate a random NumPy array in Python. NumPy is a Python library used to work with large dimensions of arrays and matrices. Arrays stor.... Read More

How to convert a positive number into a Negative in Python

By Yashkumar Patel

In this tutorial, I will teach you to convert positive numbers into negatives in Python. There are basically four ways to implement this thing. However, I will show the method whic.... Read More

Group a list by the values in Python

By Arpitha

Here we will learn how to group a list by the values in Python. List grouping based on values converts a list to the lists of list according to the values taken as the second eleme.... Read More

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