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Author Biographical Info: I am VISHNU CHAND, a professional computer science engineer with good skills in technical writing as well as in sketching. I am passionate about writing articles with utmost dedication and working with great personalities. I love challenges which makes me more perfect than before. My hobbies include listening to music and developing myself by acquiring various skills.

Singleton Design Pattern in C++

By Vishnu Chand

Hello learners, here we are going to learn a special and important topic that is “Singleton Design Pattern” in C++. Before diving into the concept directly, let us unde.... Read More

How to Detect and Decode QR Code from an image in C++ with OpenCV

By Vishnu Chand

Hello learners, In this tutorial, we will learn how to decode QR Codes in C++ with OpenCV. Before moving to the concept directly, let’s go through some basic terminologies fo.... Read More

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