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Terrorism Detection and Classification using kNN Algorithm

By Sanskar

KNN or k-Nearest Neighbour algorithm is one of the most basic and popular algorithms of machine learning. It finds its application in fields like image processing, web data mining,.... Read More

Terrorism detection using Logistic Regression Algorithm in Python

By Sanskar

So, here we’ll be looking at a Python implementation of the logistic regression algorithm. We will be using the dataset available below to implement our algorithm. The datase.... Read More

Terrorism classification using XGB framework

By Sanskar

XGB or XGBoost stands for eXtreme Gradient Boosting. It tries to predict models using a gradient boosting framework. A large number of developers contribute to the XGB open-source..... Read More

Classifying Threat using Extra Tree Classifier

By Sanskar

Extra Tree Classifier is a type of machine learning algorithm which is closely related to the decision tree algorithm. It collects the result of various decision trees into a fores.... Read More

Classification of threats using Clustering Algorithms

By Sanskar

Clustering belongs to unsupervised learning algorithms. The unsupervised algorithm is a method in which the references are drawn from the datasets consisting of nonlabeled input da.... Read More

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