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Character and Byte Streams in Java : Differences

By Niwedita Kumari

In this tutorial, we will be looking up for the wide variations between character stream and byte stream in Java. We know that stream is a sequence of data stored in a file.  Java.... Read More

Java : How to get the last element of a stream?

By Niwedita Kumari

In this, we are going to understand how we can get the last element of a stream in Java. This can be done via reduce or skip methods in Java. 1. Using Stream.reduce() : Stream.redu.... Read More

Initializing a static Map using Stream in Java

By Niwedita Kumari

Before initializing a static map using Stream in Java, we need to know what is static. static is a non-access modifier in Java used as blocks, variables, methods and nested classes.... Read More