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std::is_integral template in C++ with examples

By Nimish Dham

Fundamental data types in C++ can be broadly divided into three categories: Integral, floating point and void type. An integral data type can be one of the following: int types- sh.... Read More

Hadamard Matrix In C++

By Nimish Dham

Hadamard matrix was created as a solution to Hadamard’s maximum determinant problem which is to find a matrix with the maximum possible determinant where an element of the ma.... Read More

K Centers problem in C++

By Nimish Dham

The K Centers problem says that given a number of cities n, select k centers such that the maximum distance of a city from a center is minimized. This problem is a well-known probl.... Read More

Program for Tower of Hanoi using stack in C++

By Nimish Dham

In this tutorial, we will learn how to solve Tower of Hanoi using stack in C++. Let’s first understand the problem and it’s rules. Tower of Hanoi is a very famous puzzl.... Read More

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