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How To Use Font Awesome Icons In HTML

By Nilarjun Das

The Font Awesome icon toolkit is a great way to show icons in your HTML page. Adding icons to suitable places makes the content more meaningful and makes it look attractive. Design.... Read More

How to Create a Fixed Menu in HTML using CSS

By Nilarjun Das

In this tutorial, you will learn how to keep a menu or a navigation bar fixed at the top/bottom in HTML using CSS. So hope you will enjoy learning how to create a fixed menu in HTM.... Read More

How to Use Custom Fonts in HTML

By Nilarjun Das

In this HTML tutorial, we will learn how to use custom font in HTML with examples. Design and Simplicity are the key aspects of a website. The better the presentation of a website,.... Read More

Absolute and Relative Units in HTML

By Nilarjun Das

In this post, we will be learning absolute and relative units in HTML with examples. Cascading Sheet Styles(CSS) in HTML has number of different units in which length can be measur.... Read More