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How to display lists in React Js

By Muskan Garg

Using lists and displaying them is required in almost every app. One of the applications being the menu. We can create lists in React in a similar way as it is created in Javascrip.... Read More

How to create Forms in React Js

By Muskan Garg

Forms are an important part of React applications. They allow us to take information from the users and save them. They make our application really interactive. There are two ways .... Read More

What is Link in React Js?

By Muskan Garg

On our web page, it’s often required to move to different web pages. We require some internal or external links throughout our page. Normally, the anchor tag or <a><.... Read More

What is useEffect() hook in React Js?

By Muskan Garg

The purpose of the useEffect hook in React Js is to allow us to perform side effects from within the functional component. Now, what are the side effects? Side effects are anything.... Read More

What is useState() hook in ReactJs?

By Muskan Garg

React hooks are the new feature added in the React 16.8 version. In the previous versions, the class-based components were the only way to manipulate the state. If we had a functio.... Read More

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