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Finding the number of Blank and Non-Blank cells in Excel table using Python

By Mriganka

Hello everyone, with the use of excel spreadsheets in almost every day to day life, to perform calculation, analysis, visualization of data and information, keeping a record of its.... Read More

How to find the first empty row of an excel file in Python

By Mriganka

This tutorial will guide you to find the first empty row in an excel file using Python. Excel files can be tiring, with about 1,048,576 Rows and 16,384 Columns they are often used.... Read More

Spiral Matrix in C/C++

By Mriganka

Hello everyone, in this tutorial, I will guide you with the basic of filling up a Double-Dimension matrix, in spiral order in C or C++. In simple words, what the program does is as.... Read More

Circular Prime in JAVA

By Mriganka

Hello guys, if you are looking for a tutorial which would help you to determine if a number inputted by the user is Circular Prime or Not in Java, then you came to the right place..... Read More

Deletion of any Non-ascii characters present in C++

By Mriganka

If you were facing complexity in removing the presence of any Non-ASCII character from a String in C++. Then my friend you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, IR.... Read More

Remove any Non-ASCII characters in Python

By Mriganka

This tutorial will guide you with the basics of programming in Python. One such program which is included in the basic is this one, which is deleting the occurrence of any Non-ASCI.... Read More

Java Program to Remove all Numbers from a string.

By Mriganka

This tutorial will guide you to learn how to remove numbers from a string in java. Often times we may want to separate the numbers from a user-defined string, this is one of the wa.... Read More

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