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Mutual Friendship of Classes in C++

By Mallika Gupta

Here in this tutorial, we will learn about what is Mutual Friendship in classes and how it can take place with the C++ code example. It is one of the most famous concepts in Object.... Read More

Python and the Principle of Least Astonishment

By Mallika Gupta

In this tutorial post, we will learn about what actually Principle of Least Astonishment (POLA) is in Python. We would understand its general meaning and how we use this concept in.... Read More

Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS

By Mallika Gupta

Hello there! Here I am going to show you the tutorial for making a Responsive Website Using CSS and HTML5. As we know that HTML5 helps in making the structure of our website and C.... Read More

Child Process using fork() method in Python

By Mallika Gupta

In this tutorial, we will see what is fork() method in Python and how it works with the Child Process with few examples. It is a famous concept and many times you must have heard a.... Read More