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Substitution Cipher in Python

By Diptam Paul

In this article, we will talk about ciphers, to be more specific substitution cipher in Python. Mainly in cryptography, the ciphertext is used to encrypt the plain text. Accordi.... Read More

Else Conditional Statement with for Loop in Python

By Diptam Paul

Today we will learn else conditional statement with for loop in Python. In other programming languages no matters its procedural or object-oriented language, else is restricted to .... Read More

Upload file to google drive using Python

By Diptam Paul

Today we will see how to upload files to Google Drive using Python. We will use the Google Drive API to do this. So go to Google Developer Console And create a new project. It may .... Read More

Access Google calendar data with Python

By Diptam Paul

Google allows everyone to create multiple private or public events or calendars in Google Calendar. So using the google calendar API’s you can create or manage those events i.... Read More

Binary search lower bound in Python

By Diptam Paul

In this tutorial, we will learn about the Binary Search Lower Bound in Python. So before that let’s know what is Binary Search. So, for example, you have a sorted list or a s.... Read More

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